Monday, January 16, 2012

Baking Monday - Compost Cookies

I came across this recipe from a reference on another baking site, and apparently it's pretty popular, because there are many reports of trying this recipe floating around out there in the interwebspace. The catch with this recipe is that you can incorporate bits of all different things into the dough. For these, I used white and semisweet chocolate chips, toffee bits, pretzels, and potato chips.

So, the recipe says to scoop the dough onto parchment, then refrigerate for an hour before baking to keep them from spreading too much. Well, I have a habit of not listening to recipe recommendations, so I chose to refrigerate the big bowl of dough, then scoop and bake it cold. They spread SO MUCH that it was practically a bar cookie! (Hence the rectangular rather than circular shape.)

They don't look pretty, but do taste yummy, though I still prefer poofy cookies. It might be a little too much butter for my taste, too. I love the idea of including bits of things from the pantry in this recipe ... I was getting lots of other ideas as they were mixing. Will definitely try again!

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