Thursday, November 10, 2011

Lego Party - The Sequel

My favorite souvenirs from our recent trip to California were silicone molds that allowed me to make these:

Chocolate. Legos. I wanted to include a tag to identify them as edible, because they also look like they could be plastic, or crayon, or soap. I tried to think of something clever without resorting to "eat me."

These were for Theo's very, very belated birthday party today. September was crazy and we were on vacation in October. The day before Halloween, Theo said, "Am I ever going to have a birthday party?" Whoops.

And yes, it was a Lego party again. We most often have parties at home, but the weather is now getting too iffy for an outside party, and this location was too perfect to pass up. It's a new business for our area that hosts Lego parties and programs. They did an awesome job - the room looked so fun -
and it was exciting to try something different. They have a giant parts table the length of the wall and a track to race cars and run vehicles down a tiny zip line.

Everyone was very happy to play, play, play! The kids each got to build a mini figure to take home and made motorized dragsters to race during the party.

Dora's creation - I love that the driver is working on a tiny keyboard.

Theo requested his usual chocolate chip cookie dessert. One dozen 8-year-old boys are LOUD - I could barely get them to quiet down long enough to sing.

Theo did not stop moving for 90 minutes, he could hardly stand still for this picture ... you can see that he's clearly anxious to go!


  1. Really cute! And I love the birthday cookie cake tradition too!

  2. fun stuff! can there be too many lego parties? Nah. i think we're doing chocolate lego guys for Christmas or Valentine's day. Or both.

  3. I found it easiest to fill the molds with a squeeze bottle or pastry bag. And do lots and lots of tapping to get out all the bubbles - the first batch of bricks turned out quite holey. : ) I really need to do more chocolate molds - they are so cute and kids love them!