Thursday, November 24, 2011

Clark's Puppy Birthday

It's birthday time again! Clark celebrated his fifth birthday this month, with an appropriate number of parties ... five!

He's got puppies on the brain lately, so the theme this year was puppies, puppies, puppies! (I haven't posted much design work lately, but I have been busy. Updates can be found at Spotgirl Gallery.)

First up - puppy cookies for school snack. I made a multigrain cutout recipe, which are a favorite for me and Clark.

The birthday child gets to pass the snack at preschool. So cute!

I made these beanbag toss games as favors for our family and friends. I went to buy fabric to make Clark's birthday shirt and the patterns were soooo cute, I had do something more with it. The beanbags went into plastic dog dishes. When I bought the dishes at the store, the cashier asked if I had nine dogs. Um, no .... not even one!

There were presents ...

... and bowling, at the birthday boy's request.

... and more puppy cookies (chocolate cutouts, another favorite!)

... and one happy birthday boy!

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