Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ornaments 2010

For ornaments this year, I gave the kids a choice of these or stamped clay, and they all went with the clay. (I was really expecting Theo to want to chop things up in the blender, maybe next time.) We used air dry paper clay, and it was fun to work with.

I just bought my first set of clear stamps and an acrylic block, and I'm addicted, they are so fun to use. The kids stamped patterns into the clay, and after they were dry, painted them with gold, silver or glitter paint. Kind of a variation on last year's ornaments, but a different look.

These are Clark's. He stamped a penguin (had a tough time using a light touch, but I can still tell what it is) and a "C for Clark." I kind of like the minimalist monogrammed look - very Martha Stewart. He also did the shape cutting, which is why the star is missing a point, oops. He did this project 100% by himself, which is pretty good for Clark and crafts.

Theo's snowflakes.

Dora's stars. She chose the words to print on each one, I am loving "laugh a lot", I never would have thought of that. The snowflake stars turned out very thin and delicate looking.

And these are mine! Just for fun.

Happy Holidays, everyone ... see you next year.

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  1. happy christmas! i love your ornaments! we give the kids an ornament each year, but i think next year we'll make them. yours turned out beautiful!

    (also, on a previous post you mentioned how your son hates when you sing - mine, too! both boys freak and yell 'Stop! Mom, No!!!' if I sing along to a movie or in the car to a song. I'm not that bad, either, I swear.)