Friday, December 3, 2010

Bright Side

Another one of Clark's fun little quirks is that he will not tolerate my singing. At all. (He's like Sheldon with the whistling.) A scene from getting in the car today:

Clark (picking up a penny from the floor of the car): I found a penny!
Me: It's your lucky day! (Singing) You found a lucky penny, la la la la la la ...
Clark: Stop! Stop!
Me (lifting him into his seat): BONK!
Clark: Ow!
Me: Clark! I'm so sorry! I bonked you in the head! That wasn't very lucky!
Clark (rubbing his head): Well ... bonking my head stopped you from singing. So that's lucky.


  1. Your singing isn't that bad...on the plus side our kid is hilarious!

  2. I cannot comment on the singing, but this is hysterical! Amy can confirm that I busted out laughing upon reading Clark's silver lining. :)