Friday, December 3, 2010

Because I'm a Little ... Well, You Know

Dora and Theo are afraid of nuts.

Whenever they are offered a new cookie, they first shoot a panicked look and ask, "Are there NUTS in that???" Recently, Dora flipped out about halfway through a granola bar (a peanut butter granola bar, mind you) when she squinted and suddenly identified a portion of a real, live peanut.

I decided that it's silly for them to be afraid of nuts.

So, at Wegmans today, I walked around the bulk aisle and picked out tiny bags of different kinds of nuts, deciding that after school, we would have a "Nut Tasting Party." And this is how the scene went:

Me: Hey kids, we're going to have a Nut Tasting Party!
Dora (welling up in tears): Nononononono ... no!
Clark: Yay! (see how he doesn't want to do what the rest of the group does?)

So, I sat down with Clark to taste, and eventually the other two joined us.

All three kids tried every thing on the table. Granted, some bites were microscopic, but they willingly participated.

Clark liked everything, sunflower seeds got across the board smiles, and they happily discovered that they DO like peanut M&M's (I had to sweeten the deal a bit!) All in all ... a success!

Do I dare try vegetables next?

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  1. This is great! So glad to have found your blog today while looking for Valentines. I can't wait to read more!