Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ice Cream Safari Road Trip!

We travelled to Ithaca for a visit to Sciencenter and made a stop at Purity on the way home.

Dora was actually a little stressed out here, because she was dealing with a drippy cone situation. I wish I had gotten a better pic of the cone, they were perfect scoop shapes ... they looked like the little cones in the passport!

Theo declared this the best vanilla of all the vanillas he has had this summer.

Clark is not a big ice cream fan, so the last few Wednesdays, he's been mixing it up by choosing a slushie insteead. I gave him the choice of a muffin or cookie today, but he went for his old standby of chocolate.

Dora the Flavor Adventurer chose Boomberry ... raspberry ice cream with blueberries and strawberries.

Theo had to draw a new, even more excited cone to show how much he loved the ice cream today.

Dora liked hers, too. I went with Sleepers Awake ... coffee ice cream with chocolate chunks. And I kind of don't want to eat anything else today as to disturb the flavor memory. (It was REALLY good!)

Two weeks from today, they'll be back at school!

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