Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Around the House

Jeff bought this book for Theo and for a while, the kids' favorite pastime was making tracings of the monsters and leaving them around the house for me to find.

This little guy was tucked under the rug in the foyer.

Dora is all decked out for the playground. Because feather boas are necessary on 80 degree days.

I bought one box of Bendaroos once, and I believe they've multiplied like Gremlins. Dora tackled one of the detailed designs.

Theo showing me that he pressed the #1 button 2001 times with his thumb.  This is the calculator that my parents bought for me in eighth grade. I can't believe how well it still works. The kids use it all the time for playing Bakugan, Monopoly or adding numbers just for fun.  It's the only calculator I've ever owned ... well, since this one, which I also used to add numbers just for fun. The geek gene runs strong in this family!

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