Thursday, January 24, 2013

Grandma Crafts - Winter Trees

Christmas crafts! Yeah, I'm a bit behind on posting pics, but it's definitely still winter, so this is still timely. Similar to the leaf collage we did back in the fall, Grandma and I made winter tree pictures this time around.

Same idea: I painted 9x12 canvases light blue, planned out the tree sizes, printed outlines on the back of scrapbook paper, and cut them out. We decorated with star and snowflake paper punches. Grandma had so much fun with this that my aunt helped her decorate wooden frames for gifts in the same way.

Again, I planned out what size trees to fit in the space and printed them on the back of scrapbook paper.  Grandma stuck decorations to the painted frame with Mod Podge, followed by one more coat over everything to finish it off. These turned out so cute!

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