Friday, January 25, 2013

Christmas Ornaments 2012

Two fails and one ornament crafting success this year. The happy project: glitter bulb ornaments! I bought silver bulb ornaments 6 for $1.00 at the craft store, took them apart, and covered each ball with Mod Podge and sprinkled with glitter. (Crafty tip: a row of toothpicks stuck in Playdoh makes an excellent drying rack!) These got packaged in little clear plastic bags and included with our cookie trays. I think I may need to coat more things in glitter, because this was super fun. However ...

 ...glitter glass balls, not so great. I ended up with one keeper, but the other ones were a disaster, they turned out super streaky and clumpy. I've got 11 months to perfect this project for next year!

This was the kids' ornament craft ... not our best. We attempted to make these painted glass balls. It was not very easy nor did we get quite such spectacular results. First, it took a loooong time for the paint to work it's way around the whole surface (turns out, watching paint drip is NOT an exciting activity). Once they were totally coated, it took a LONG time for the paint to dry - like several days - and we had to keep rotating them to keep the paint from pooling in one place. The kids managed to get out just enough to give to godparents - and everyone was dutifully impressed with their work - but it was definitely not our favorite!


  1. Hi Ann!

    Did you use Glitter It for the ball ornaments? We made teacher gifts out using that with the ornaments in 2011, and they turned out really cool...especially when we used a couple of different colors!


  2. Nope, I used Mod Podge - Amy gave me the Glitter It advice after the fact. I've also since seen the recommendation to use floor wax. I will try again!