Monday, October 22, 2012

Baking Monday - Triple Chocolate Scones

Another recipe from one of my favorite baking blogs! This was very good - the dough includes milk, semi-sweet, and dutch processed cocoa powder (Special Dark if you are shopping Hershey's). I was able to mix this all in the food processor, pretty easy to come together. I made these mini size - cut the dough into quarters, then each of those quarters into six slices (helloooo pastry scraper!) and stuck them in the freezer while the oven was warming and dishes were being washed. This was a good dessert because I could make half of the scones with the pb glaze and half with vanilla (same recipe, just omit the pb) to please everyone in the audience. Scones are sometimes a little crumbly, but these were very soft and not overly sweet. Definitely a keeper! 

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