Saturday, August 25, 2012

Patchwork Camera Strap

Hey, look! I made a cover for my camera strap!

I had an evening this week with nothing immediately pressing to do and decided to work on something fun. I looked through my sewing folder on Pinterest and picked this project. The tutorial is great - the only thing I did differently was to quilt the batting onto the scrappy piece before sewing it to back piece.

Clark liked the final product except for the two striped blocks ("too boring"), Dora thought the colors were "too brown," and Jeff said "boy, that will really man it up."

But I say - so cute!! I love projects that can be done in one sitting, and I had fun picking out fabric to go together. (And extra love for projects that can be done with materials already on hand, yay!) I also made a couple of key fobs - the green one first because I love that fabric, but then realized that it didn't match my key chain (hah!) so I made another one with the striped pattern.

My keys are always falling to the bottom of bags, so this has really come in handy this week. Would anyone like the other one? Leave a comment if you are interested - it's up for grabs! 

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