Monday, September 19, 2011

Baking Monday - Butterbeer Cupcakes

A friend sent me this recipe and I had it tucked away for a special occasion. I made them today to celebrate Theo's birthday.

I didn't have a squeeze bottle for the filling and used a pastry bag instead, which turned out to be difficult and messy, so the cupcakes didn't get as much filling as they could have used. Consequently, there was a lot of ganache left over, which ended up being served as a dip with sliced apples - mmmmm.

The recipe made 20 cupcakes with more than enough frosting. Turned out they weren't Theo's favorite - sad face - but I also made him a batch of Star Wars cookies today for a screening of Empire with Dad and his friends.

These cupcakes are super buttery and sweet - definitely worth trying if you have a Potter fan (or a butterscotch fan) at home.

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