Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Summer Report Card

Wasn't it June just like, two seconds ago? The big kids are back to school this week, and I still haven't wrapped my head around how quickly it's gone by. So, what did we do with our time?

Lazy Days

BOY, did we take it easy this year. No schedule, no structured activities, just enjoying being home and not having much to do. When the kids get up, they go right into play, play, play, which meant that I lounged around in bed until very late in the morning and breakfast was rarely eaten before 10:30. We did have at least one out and around activity for a few hours a day, but many of our hours were spent right here at home. A+


Dora and Theo did one week at church camp and one week at our children's museum. Clark had one week of camp at his preschool. Dora had summer musical and a few gymnastics classes, but that was pretty much it. We had lots of adventures around town - rode all six carousels, went to the splash park, hit each pool at least once, and had lots of park picnic lunches. B


We didn't go to the library as often as we did last summer because the kids were busy tackling books we had at home already - Harry Potter. Dora zipped through all seven in about three weeks, it took Theo almost all summer, but he did it. The big kids logged every book they read this summer, even re-reads. Dora was at 58 and Theo was at 11 (but they were big ones!) Clark can read much more than he lets on. If he is pushed too hard he gets frustrated, but we spent lots of time this summer reading random words on labels and signs. B+

Sibling Harmony

Actually, pretty good. I had a plan in place for making decisions during the day to avoid squabbles and happily, never had to use it once. There was the normal amount of annoyances and we had a bit of a ramp up over the last two weeks, but overall pretty good. B

Ice Cream Consumption

As always ... A+

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