Monday, May 23, 2011

Theo's First Communion

We celebrated Theo's First Communion this weekend!

Even though Dora and Theo are almost two years apart, because of how their birthdays fall, they are only a year apart in school. Which means back-to-back Communion prep years for our family.

(Camera shy Clark wouldn't agree to a photo appearance.) Saturday was also Dora's last day to sing with the Children's Choir until the fall. This was her third year of choir and she's wowed us again with her commitment, enthusiasm, and talent.

I thought this year would be a struggle with Theo, but he really surprised us. He worked hard, took the material seriously, and genuinely knew his stuff.

The rain stayed away and the sun made its first appearance in a week - it was a great day!

Theo's cookies - I solved the bleeding color problem by doing monotone icing this time, and they turned out pretty well.

Theo's request for the party: a giant chocolate chip cookie, his favorite.

Jeff and I decided to get him a swiss army knife as a gift. He loved it, and Grandpa got to give him a little how-to and safety lesson the next day. We had the knife engraved with his name, and he also got a beautiful children's Bible with his name stamped on the cover from his godparents. He thought that was SO cool: "It has my NAME on it. How did it get MY NAME on it?"

We're so blessed to have such a nice day to celebrate and friends and family who travelled in for the occasion. Theo said that he had trouble falling asleep the night before, because he was so excited. He had a giant, goofy grin on his face during the applause at the end of the ceremony ... so proud!

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