Monday, May 30, 2011

Baking Monday – Burgers and Fries

Thanks to Bakerella for today's inspiration! I made these tiny treats for today's picnic.

Brownie burgers with cupcake buns. My circle cutter is on the bigger side, so we've got jumbo burgers today. How much food color does it take to make buttercream frosting look like ketchup? A LOT. A crazy lot. This was still pretty pink but I just could not add any more food color. I think everyone will get the idea.

The fries were fun. Sugar cookies poof up quite a bit while cooking, so the fries must be cut super duper skinny, or else cut them in half while still warm to get that fast food fry look. And sprinkle them with sugar!

These were time-consuming, but not difficult. I used Bakerella's template for the fry wrappers, but unfortunately my color printer is not hooked up right now, they'd be way cuter in red, white and blue.

Enjoy the day!

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