Monday, May 24, 2010

Catching Up

I had a busy week, baking cookies for a wedding.

Two days of baking ...

Two days of icing ...

Two days of wrapping ...

... and off they go!

Our catering order from Dora's Communion party came in these fantastic stacking trays, which worked out perfectly for transporting 250 cookies.

And Dora got to ice the leftover hearts.

Clark eying up the final product.

Cookie order was immediately followed by planning for Relay for Life on Saturday. The kids helped me decorate cupcakes, I love the color coordinated sprinkles, too bad these were served at night. Oh, well. Congrats to Team Mariposa for succeeding over and above their fundraising goal and throwing a heck of an ice cream party! Cold Stone cake, yu-um.

Clark went for the classic chocolate with chocolate sprinkles.

And, guess what we watched last night?

I have mixed feelings. My initial reaction was utter disappointment - though I had no expectation of every question being answered, I hoped for some insight into the biggies. But I think the biggest lesson learned from the last six years ... sci-fi shows are just not for me. But the cookies were fun to make. Too bad I won't be getting any more orders for these!


  1. your lost cookies are awesome.

    i need to make those cassette cookies for my daughter's party (the 11th) soon. I'm getting nervous. you sent me the recipe - is that what you use to pipe with too? if you don't mind me asking, how would you do cassette cookies? i was thinking of pink icing all across with white detailing or just pink icing leaving the holes and a stripe across the bottom bare.

  2. Those all look amazing! I wish my baking talents were close to yours!

    And I, too, have mixed feelings about the finale. I still feel like there could have been more.