Monday, May 10, 2010

Big Weekend

Dora celebrated her First Communion this weekend. After eight months of preparation, I can't believe the big day is finally over! Her class worked very hard this year to get ready. Our parish is blessed with a wonderful Religious Education director. She has a talent for commanding the kids' attention while speaking in a kind, respectful way. She has helped them understand the importance of the occasion in a way that I could not have as easily expressed. And apparently, she has some pull with the Big Guy, because our weather forecast called for rainstorms that morning, but the skies were clear and blue!

Dora was so proud and happy, she did a great job and was very exited to go to mass the next day and recieve communion with the other kids in the choir for the first time. She also loved the dress ... many thanks to her cousin Anna for handing it down!

And, fancy dress called for fancy hair ...

Years ago, I was at a salon for a haircut and saw two little girls with elaborate updos and was shocked - shocked! - when their moms said they were for First Communion. I had no idea that the event had gotten so formal. (Imagine here my First Communion picture, in which I am wearing a minidress and knee socks.) Her dress called for a hairstyle nicer than I could provide, and we were both happy with it ... I think it was simple and sweet.

Of course there were cookies for the big day.

... and not a single leftover!

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  1. what a pretty girl! congrats, dora!

    and again - beautiful cookies. I have to make those cassette ones in the next month and am starting to get nervous...