Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Waiting Game

I have a tiny supply of tricks to pull out when the kids are bored when we're out waiting ... at the dr's office, at a restaurant, in the car. One staple is The Letter Game, which is kind of like a simplified version of Scattergories. (Name something you can wear that starts with S), and so on. Our go-to restaurant game is Five Things. Pull five objects from around the table together. Have a kid look at it for a few minutes, close eyes, take one away, guess what's missing. Super easy and it can last a good ten minutes with variations (take away two things! have Dad be the guesser! and so on.)

Our recent trip to the Statue of Liberty involved some waiting. Lots and lots and lots of waiting. About 4 hours, to be exact. The kids did great overall, but we definitely had some tense moments. When we reached the statue and realized it was going to be ANOTHER wait to get in the museum, it was time to pull out the Silly Face game. Requirements: a camera and children who like to show off. I snapped a pic of each kid making a silly face, we reviewed the evidence and voted on which face was funnier. Apparently, my children find the tongue to be a critical component of physical comedy.

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