Friday, October 2, 2009

What I Love This Week

Theo is crazy about superheroes. CRA-ZY. (His teacher asked me last week which he likes more: superheroes or Bakugan? And oh, lady, please don't ever make him choose.)

So, a few weeks ago, we were shopping and I let him buy a Justice League Unlimited DVD because it was $7 and he's so cute. I typically don't let them watch something without viewing it first, but hey, Justice League! How bad could it be? I settled in for a viewing with Theo and Clark, and it was a titch more violent than I was comfortable with, but all was going well until a horrifiying scene where Aquaman - not the friendly, wussy Aquaman of our youth, but instead a bad-ass, bearded brute - CUTS OFF HIS OWN HAND to save his infant son who had been chained to a rock, speeding toward an active volcano. WTF??? This was like something from a twisted horror film, not a children's cartoon. I gasped, Theo didn't quite get what happened, so I actually had to explain it to him. He ends up getting a cool hook-hand at the end, but still ... a bit too disturbing for me.

During our next trip out, we picked up this:

and, boy, was that $20 well-spent. SIX hours of age-appropriate superhero fun for the whole family. Exactly how we remember them, the ten-minute episodes bookended with magic tricks, puzzles and PSAs. Plus Zan and Jana, speaking out against teenage hooliganism (Hazing! Hitchiking! Drag Racing!) It took Dora one viewing to point out: "They ALWAYS turn into an eagle and a bucket of water!" and now she laughs along with them. We usually save DVDs for car trips, and one disc buys us three hours of reverent quiet in the car. We've since picked up the second volume, all three kids are loving it.

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