Monday, September 28, 2009

Emotional Me

Okay, so I have a big soft spot for lots of children's movies. I bawl like a baby when Big Bird sings about "One Little Star" and during the last line of Charlotte's Web ("Charlotte was both." - oh, please, hand me a tissue) and when those stupid Muppets sing that stupid goodbye song while Taking Manhattan.

I put on a bunch of kid-friendly music this morning for Clark and I to listen to while cleaning. I don't know what it is about this particular CD, but hello! heartstrings! tugging! Almost every song had me weeping. (Except the Boys II Men song ... skip right past that one.) 

All I Really Need (bawl!)
Beautiful Boy (weep!)
Before You Grow (OMFG, sob, sob, sob!)
and it goes on and on ... Happy Adoption Day, Family Tree, On Children, The Babysitter's Here ... truly, if you have children and feel the need to have a good cry, put on this CD and go for it.

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