Thursday, May 14, 2009

National Etiquette Week

Who knew there was such a thing? I should have been cracking down on pleases and thank yous this week. My biggest pet peeve at the table is chewing with mouths open ... ugh! That's what I am most quick to correct. Do we use cloth napkins? You betcha! Last year, I unearthed three sets that we got as wedding gifts that we never used. What were we saving them for? Luckily, there are enough to keep us in napkins as long as I do regular laundry. In the fall, I made sets for the kids to keep in their lunchboxes. They also make fantastic placemats. Switching to cloth napkins was the easiest eco-friendly change in our house last year. We went through a TON of paper napkins at mealtime. I think I've only bought one package of paper since we've made the switch (they do still come in handy for big parties and playgroups!) I also started keeping a stash of washcloths in the kitchen so I'm not always reaching for paper towels to wipe baby faces.

My napkins are on Momtrends today! Follow the link below to see the story. There are more cloth napkins for sale (for kids and moms) on my etsy site ... look in the right hand column for the link.


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