Sunday, May 24, 2009

Caterpillar Spring

Lots of family in town this weekend, we spent a beautiful day at the park. The kids loved playing in the water, Clark especially. We walked back and forth along the shore many, many times.

Our awesome cousins took Dora and Theo on a big paddleboat ride, which they said was the "best time of their life!" The afternoon ended with some caterpillar collecting - meet our new pets, Tickles and Crawley. The kids found them fascinating - Dora let hers crawl all over her arms and shirt.

Dora and Tickles

Showing him off to Dad and Clark

Theo and Crawley

The caterpillars came home with us and it was decided that they should live in the little tree in our yard. Dora noticed that once Tickles was in the tree, he didn't want to go back on her finger again.

We finished the day with a trip to the baseball game - lots of shouting and cheering and a run across the field. Today was a trip to the race track and a picnic with friends. Beautiful weather, great company and ice cream ... and the weekend's not over yet!

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