Friday, May 22, 2009

Clark Path

This week's speaker at Mothers & More was a gardening expert. She spoke at a meeting last year, which I would have skipped if I wasn't co-leader at the time, because I am not a gardener at all. It turned out to be such an interesting evening. The speaker was so passionate about gardening, she inspired me to get excited, too. I ended up putting out potted annuals around the porch last year, and it was so rewarding to watch them grow and bloom and they looked beautiful. I'm looking forward to planting again this year.

During this week's talk, she encouraged using "what nature gives you". There's a little part of the garden that Clark always walks through. I took the kids' rock collection (formerly strewn all over the porch) and made a little path for him.

And who is cuter than this guy? Peanut butter face and all.

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