Tuesday, November 3, 2015

It's Popcorn Time!

Remember a few years ago when I posted Girl Scout thank you tags? Well, now I have a Cub Scout selling popcorn. Clark did a jaw-droppingly great job of going house-to-house in our neighborhood with Dad to do some selling. Amazing! So we'll have lots of popcorn to deliver in a few weeks ... time to make some new tags!

Download Cub Scout thank you tag here.

And for the visually impaired ...

Download Cub Scout with glasses thank you tag here.

For personal use only, please! Hope these are helpful for your scout! 


  1. hi, is this still available for download? i keep getting an error. thank you!!

  2. Yes! I’ve switched servers, so the blog download links are not working any more. I have added the scout printables onto my webpage:


    Thanks for asking!

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