Thursday, February 12, 2015

Valentines 2015 (and a Parenting Oops)

This is the note that went in Clark's lunch box this morning. One problem ... the party was TODAY. After my walk this morning, I came home to an email from his (wonderful) teacher:

Hi! I just wanted to check in and see how Clark’s morning went… Something seems to be on his mind. When we talked about the party today, he appeared sad, almost teary. I approached him and he wasn’t willing to talk about what was bothering him. Just wanted to let you know. 

OH NO!!! Of course he was upset. He worked so hard on on his valentines, and I did not send them to school, because I assumed the party would be on Friday. As I was quickly writing back that I'd run them over, this message popped up:

Hi again! With prompting and some time, Clark was able to share what was on his mind. He is concerned that he doesn’t have his Valentine cards at school and students will be passing them out later today. With assistance and time he did an EXCELLENT job of sharing his thoughts. I observed him working through his frustration without having an outburst or shutting down. We talked about a few solutions to the problem (asking you to bring them in, passing them out tomorrow). He is still thinking about what solution he is most comfortable with. Just wanted to keep you updated! 

Really, could she be more amazing? She was so committed from the beginning of the year to making a good connection with Clark and figuring out all his quirks. We still have bumps in the road, but she has done such a great job of getting the best out of him and helping him navigate through the day. I was able to catch them right before leaving for lunch. He was SO pleased and relieved to see me. He was able to quickly sign his name to the back of each one and bring them back to the classroom. WHEW!!!

Very happy we had the extra time to finish the painting on Wednesday night. They were going to go in red envelopes addressed to each student tonight, but the card itself will do just fine! He wanted to make the same valentines as last year, agreeing to a few modifications after I pestered him about changing them up just a little bit. Last year's experience was quite a challenge for him. Happily, he remembers the positive outcome, so of course he wanted to do them exactly the same.

"Mom. They were SO good last year. Everyone loved them."

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