Monday, February 9, 2015

Baking Monday – Double Chocolate Cookies

Okay, get ready. Big announcement today!

This is THE best chocolate cookie EVER. Seriously. These cookies were SO good that I ate five the day they were baked (plus the equivalent of two more when they were still dough). You must know: chocolate chips are just fine and lovely, but I have a special affection for chocolate chunks. My very favorite ice cream is double chocolate with chocolate chunks, which is not easy to find. (There's only one ice cream stand by us that has it, and it's amazing! Ben & Jerry's New York Superfudge Chunk is also delightful.) I had chocolate chunks on the brain and picked up a bag of at the grocery store, then had to search for just the right chocolatey recipe in which to use them.

No unusual ingredients or techniques, but everything came together to make the best cookie I've had in a long time! I cut back slightly on the butter (eliminated the two tablespoons), and of course used chunks instead of chips. Make sure to bake these until set. They turned out soft and shortbread-like with an amazing chocolate flavor. The recipe also makes a bunch ... about five dozen when mini-scooped. These were so good that I made them TWICE in one week. Enjoy!!

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