Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Minecraft Party!

Here are some pics from Theo's party back in the fall. We did a very low-key have some friends over for movies and pizza kind of evening. There are soooo many cool ideas for Minecraft parties, but since I put this one together in about 24 hours, we went very simple!

I started out by downloading a Minecraft font for the sign and bookmarks, using green, brown, and black as the color palette for everything. The bags were for loot from the ...

... creeper piñata! I made my first piñata out of two cereal boxes taped together. It worked pretty well except I made the mistake of using packing tape instead of paper tape, thinking that a mess of 11-year-old boys would be able to beat through it pretty quickly. I was wrong! It was indestructible! One of the dads ended up ripping the thing apart and tossing candy out to the crowd. Theo made the candy selection: Butterfingers, Nestle Crunch and Warheads (mistake #2: overestimating how many Warheads to buy, thinking all the kids would be as crazy for super sour candy as my kid. We had a ton leftover!) 

And Theo continues his tradition of requesting birthday cookie cake! I was pretty proud of my creeper face. 

Mr. Hotcakes smartly planned some Minute to Win It type games for the backyard. The boys split into four teams of two and were scored on their speed. At the end, we were racing against the sun, finishing out the last few games in the dark! The winning team from each event got Dollar Store prizes. One hour of organized activity was ideal ... things started to break down after 30 minutes of unstructured play after dessert. (Time to turn on a movie! Aren't your parents here yet?) 

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