Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Upcycled Notebook Paper

Every year the kids bring several composition books home from school, and they are rarely all used up. It would kill me to recycle all that good paper. If a quarter or less of the book is used up, I'll trim out the old pages and keep the book to send to school next year. If less than that is blank, I'll trim out the good pages and put them in our scrap drawer. 

I ALWAYS keep a little notepad on my desk, because even though I love my electronic calendars and list makers, sometimes information needs to be more easily accessible to be helpful. Using this handy tutorial, I made up a bunch of little notepads using our surplus of lined paper. All the supplies happened to be on hand: paper, cardboard, paint sticks, binder clips, and Mod Podge. Of course, a paper cutter makes this job extra easy, but a craft knife and a metal ruler would work well, too. These pads are 4.25 x 3.5", a good size for writing short lists and easy to trim four squares out of a sheet of composition notebook paper. The glue dried and was ready to use in about an hour! Wheee! I love repurposing!

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