Monday, November 11, 2013

Baking Monday – Chocolate Pretzel Brownies

Jeff was out of town last week and my pb-loving friend was in charge of dessert delivery, so I went peanut butter crazy with this treat!

I used this recipe to start - had I been thinking ahead, I would have lined the baking pan (9x9") with parchment so I could frost and then lift the whole thing out to cut. But since I didn't think that far ahead,  plan B was to cut the cooled brownies then use a pastry bag to decorate. I think they turned out quite nice!

I used about half the butter suggested for the frosting recipe, and just kept adding confectioner's sugar and some milk until desired consistency. These were pretty good - brownies were dense and chocolatey and I love peanut butter frosting. I made lots of chocolate pretzels, so look for those to make a re-appearance next week!

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