Monday, September 10, 2012

Baking Monday - Autumn Goodies

So, I'm thankful for word of mouth today! Two years ago, I got an email from someone who was searching online and saw these tiger cookies. She ordered cookies for her son's graduation party, and then again this year for her daughter's party. (And placed the order way back in January - way to go, organized mom!!) One of her co-workers placed an order for another graduation party, and a guest at that party placed an order for her Labor Day party last weekend. (And turns out that she is the aunt of my daughter's best friend ... ah, the fun of a small town!) So, one post turned into four baking orders, which makes me very happy!

I was also very happy when the hostess told me her party was going to be a "Welcome to Fall" theme ... autumn cookies are some of my favorites to decorate. I was really thrilled with how this assortment turned out.

She also ordered cake pops. I had made some (seven dozen!) for the graduation party back in June, and by the time she arrived at the party, there were only two left - both vanilla - and apparently everyone was raving about the chocolate ones, so she ordered all chocolate this time around. It's such a joy to get positive feedback from customers - including my daughter's friend, who told me at school last week: "I had your cookies at my aunt's party and they were delicious!"

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