Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snow Day = Valentine Day

Two snow days at home this week! Sounds like a good opportunity to make some Valentines!

As usual, Dora likes to do her own thing. She wanted to make Valentine outfits for a boy and a girl with her fashion portfolio. The only problem? There are no boy models in her book. So, she challenged herself with trying to make one of the girl shapes more masculine. And while she did a good job with what she had to work with, her boy looks fairly ... let's say, groomed.

After working on her sketches, the outlines were transferred onto tracing paper and scanned. I showed her how to use the magic wand, eyedropper and fill tools in Photoshop to color her pictures.

We printed them out, three to a page. They turned out pretty well! She's very proud.

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  1. She should be proud!! Awesome!

    As I was exploring your blog, I was happy to see you are in Binghamton...I grew up over the border in Bradford Cty...but live in southeastern PA now.