Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pac Man Cookies

I was so excited about making Pac Man cookies for an 80's themed skating party. I wasn't exactly sure how I was going to make the ghosts, until I found this post that suggested using a tulip cutter turned upside down (duh). I'm not sure I got the ghost eyes quite right.

The SAD (boo-hoo, wah) part of my story is that the icing color separated AGAIN, leaving unpleasant looking splotches of color on the cookies. The last two times this has happened to my cookies have been during cold weather months, so my new theory is that cold may be causing the discoloration. The first batch of cookies (yellow and orange) were left to dry next to a big, drafty window, while the next batch (red, pink, blue) stayed in the cozy kitchen. I still had a little bit of spotting, but not nearly as much as the first batch.

I'm also going to try switching colors ... I've always used Wilton with decent results, but it seems like Americolor is the way to go. Definitely worth trying out!

Here's our table all set for the party! I volunteered to be in charge of the music and had the BEST time compiling our playlist. We also had Pretty in Pink playing on the big video screen - totally awesome to the max.


  1. hmm. are we all actually old enough that our childhoods have become party themes? :-)

    did we know then that a USA sno-cone would be our Proustian cookie?

    ahhh, those days when we all vowed we wouldn't sell anything, buy anything, or process anything as a career. hmm. ghosts indeed. :-)

  2. I also won't buy anything sold or processed. Okay, I see a USA reference, you must be someone I know!!