Monday, October 18, 2010

Baking Monday - Whoopie Pies

AKA Where have you been all my life?

So, somehow, I ended up married to someone who likes vanilla. I know, right? I mean it barely counts as a flavor. I had no ideas for this week, so I went to my husband. He suggested something chocolate filled with vanilla cream. Oh! Sounds like Whoopie Pies to me.

I have never made these before, but I remembered seeing them on Bakerella's website. I used her recipe from this book to make the cakes, and this recipe from Gourmet for the filling.

I used my trusty TBSP mini scoop to make the cakes. It was recommended to make them a day ahead, and they were perfectly soft and cakey.

This was the fun part ... piping the filling on to each cake.

Oh. My. Gosh.

Seriously. I cannot believe I have gone this long without ever making these. I can't wait to have the kids try them after school, because they are going to go crazy.

The recipe called for Dutch-process cocoa, which I've never used before. I don't know what those wacky Dutch do to their cocoa that makes it so expensive, but I will never change a single step of this recipe because it is A-MA-ZING. The filling is very sweet ... it made my teeth hurt a bit ... but these are so moist and gooey and chocolatey and perfect. I believe that this will be my new go-to dessert.

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  1. Ann - those sound DELICIOUS!!! I'm going to have to try them!!