Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ice Cream Safari Wrap-Up

Last stop: Cold Stone Creamery.

Now, Cold Stone is not my favorite ... I don't think the ice cream is very good, it's all about the candy. But what surprised me is that the kids weren't big fans, either! Neither Dora or Theo finished their ice cream ... they both gave it frowny face reviews.

Dora chose Oreo Cream ice cream with whoppers.

Theo was very excited to choose Crunch bars, his favorite candy ... but then bummed that they only used one mini bar to mix in. He said the pieces were too small to taste.

Clark really wanted just a scoop of M&Ms, but did not want them mixed in with the ice cream. So, plain chocolate again for him!

We had a special surprise guest this week! Hi Bonnie!

So, in summary:

Best flavor: Purity
Least favorite: Cold Stone
Least expensive: Humdinger
Most expensive: Cold Stone / Smarty's
Best atmosphere: Purity / Big Dipper
Worst atmosphere: Humdinger (too loud!), Joey's (too many bees!)
Best overall (price, flavor, atmosphere, location): Big Dipper

We're still Lickety Split fans - it loses out to Big Dipper only for atmosphere (there's no good place to sit outside) - but being only five minutes from our house is a huge plus. It was so fun to try new places this year, we will definitely do it again next year with a new selection of stops.

After ice cream, we went bowling. It was a great day to be inside with a/c, since it was crazy hot and our local pools are now closed.

All three kids got strikes, yay.

Clark only lasted one game.

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