Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Birthday Highlights

• Jeff took the day off of work!

• Walking the kids to school and going to a PTO meeting ... which doesn't sound like it should be a highlight, but going without a three-year-old was a treat. Plus, it was the first meeting of the year, so everyone was energetic and happy.

• Many, many FB birthday greetings. My phone was buzzing with updates all day.

• Picking out new glasses ... again, not really thrilling, but much less stressful to do with one kid than three.

• Lunch at Five Guys, mmmm.

• Spa pedicure, using a gift card from our friends. I asked Clark what color my toes should be, and he said "blue!" You got it, little dude.

• Shopping at Kohl's.

• Gifts from the kids, including a hysterical video explaining the hazards of PFOAs to go along with a new set of pots and pans. I got spoiled this year: books, magazines, dvds, chocolate, jewelry and an iPod Nano (it's pink!)

• Dinner at my favorite restaurant with surprise guests and a giant margarita.

AND ...

For the very first time ...

Being sung to by he waitstaff of a restaurant. In Spanish. While wearing a giant sombrero. I do not believe my face could have been any more red.

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