Monday, November 23, 2009

Declaring Birthday #3 Officially Over!

... after a week-long celebration. Family party last Saturday, actual birthday on Wednesday, birthday snack at school on Thursday, and friends' party on Saturday. This was the year that he really got into his birthday, which was so cool to watch. He loved the singing, the candles, the presents and all the attention. Many celebrations meant lots of baking for me and a chance to use some new cookie cutters.

Family party: rockets, football helmets and race cars.

School snack and playgroup friends: number 3 circles.

Friends party: ice cream cones and presents.

Lots of work, yes, but look at that face! You'd do it, too.

Clark picked out this great robot pattern at Target way back in the fall. I put together little gift bags: wind up robots, glow bracelets, energy bar plus a plastic microphone for making robot voices.

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