Monday, November 9, 2009

Baking Monday - Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge

Week 3? Did I miss Week 1 and 2? Is the question you are probably asking yourself right now. Haha! There was no Week 1 and 2. I mean, there was, but I did not document it. Which is a bummer, because Week 2 was awesome.

Jeff plays pool on Monday nights. A couple of years ago, I wanted to take a cake decorating class on Monday nights. He agreed to be late for pool for a few weeks as long as he got to bring along the cake class leftovers for sharing. Win-win! Anyhow, apparently there was some discussion recently about the lack of desserts during pool play and Jeff challenged me to try out some new recipes for the team to share. I'm happy to oblige, since I love baking but reeeeeally don't need all those sweets around the house.

So! For Week 1, I made peanut butter bars from my friend Kerri's recipe. She made them for an event this past spring and I could not stop eating them. Very yummy. Week 2 was mocha chocolate chip cookies. The recipe came from a magazine, and I had only made them once before for my friends Steph and Chris when they used to live in NYC. The cookies were a big hit, but they also have like three cups of coffee in them, and since I typically now only bake for family events with small children around, I haven't had another opportunity to make them again. They were fabulous.

Today was Week 3 ... peanut butter chocolate fudge. The recipe is from Very sweet, but very delicious. Lots of stirring involved, which made today one more day that I am happy to have my heat-resistant rubber spatula. (Thanks, Carrie!)

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