Thursday, July 2, 2009

First Campfire

The kids have been requesting a campfire ever since the end of school. Dora thought it would be appropriate to have one last night to celebrate her half-birthday. (Didn't know our family celebrated half-birthdays, but whatever.) Theo's interest in playing with fire has ramped up 200% this year. He's obsessed with lighting sticks on fire and waving them around. Which REALLY makes for a nice, relaxing evening for mom and dad.

(To clarify: this is Clark, not Theo. Don't want anyone calling CPS because we let our 2-yo wave firey sticks around. He just likes poking at it.)

While Theo remains our little pyromaniac, for Dora, campfires are only a vehicle for chocolate-marshmallow treats. Which means Jeff and I do all the toasting and assembling and the kids reap the gooey rewards.

First s'more.

Old pro.

I have many, many pictures of this girl eating various items, making the same pose. Girl loves to show me how she eats. Love those big kid front teeth!

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