Friday, August 7, 2015

Kindness Chart Printable

I was going through old files and found this chart from 2011. I must have been feeling particularly frustrated with the niceness levels around the house when this was made. (It was also January, we were likely full of winter doldrums, too.) The chart has symbols for kids and mom, each with four sections to be filled in whenever someone is showing great behavior. Rewards can be issued when all four sections are filled in. Included is a list of positive behaviors that will earn a mark on the chart:

• Use kind words
• Be respectful
• Be a good listener
• Be supportive and encouraging (still struggling with that amongst the siblings!)
• Be a helper
• Keep your hands to yourself
• Show appreciation: say please and thank you!

I honestly cannot remember if we actually used it. The act of making the chart alone was probably enough to chill me out of whatever crazy state I was in at the time. It seems like a good one to share!

Download Kindness Chart here.


  1. The download won't work. Can you provide it again please? Thanks

  2. I switched servers so the old links don't work any more - send me an email ( and I will get the file to you. Thanks!