Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Random Baking

Pics of baking projects over the last month or so ...

First Communion cookies - I loved this color combo.

Cookies for school Ice Cream Social - still having bleeding issues, hoping to solve them with ...

... new icing colors! Had to give the new Americolor gels a spin. I challenged them with my two toughest color combos: blue/gold and green/gold. Good news: no bleeding! Still having spotting problems, though. Will keep trying. I also Disco Dusted a few cookies to try it out ... this will take some time to perfect! My family was very happy to eat the test batch.

LOVE these silver sprinkles. We don't have a good baking supply store here, but do have a wonderful farm store that has jimmies and sanding sugar in every color of the rainbow for super cheap.

Vanilla cupcakes with dark chocolate frosting and ...

... chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter icing. These were for our friend's bridal shower last week. I accidentally filled the first tray of liners too full and they all baked over the edge. Again, family was very happy to eat the mistakes.

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