Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring Break, Woo!

Okay, there was one thing really woo-worthy during Spring Break:

I met Peter Walsh!! I love this guy. I've made many mentions in the past year about how I often fantasize about Peter Walsh coming over to my house and then I got to meet him! He was at this yard sale fundraiser last weekend in Ashburn, VA, a convenient 15 minutes away from my sister's house, where we happened to be visiting. He is SO nice and it was a thrill to shake his hand and thank him for the great advice. (One of my many favorites: Never buy patterned wrapping paper!)

Whew! Okay. On to the rest of our weekend. We went to DC with the kids on Sunday. It was their first time riding the Metro, and for $19, it was the highlight of their weekend.

Dora looks a little somber here, but this was the only pic I got during the ride that wasn't blurry. She really loved it!

Both Dora and Theo wanted to be standing and hold onto a pole - much more exciting than a boring old seat. Though they eventually had to be separated, because they were having trouble holding onto the same pole without bickering. (Sigh)

First stop was the National Building Museum. The museum was free admission (with suggested donation), but unfortunately, the Lego exhibit - the reason we went there in the first place - was ticketed admission and SOLD OUT for the rest of the day. That was a super bummer, but the kids did get to have some building time. (Yes, the same thing we were doing back at my sister's house, but at least they got to do it in a beautiful space.)

Highlight #2? Playing on this cool sculpture outside the museum. Next, we walked a few blocks (gorgeous day!) down to the Portrait Gallery / American Art Museum. One of my favorites, Jeff and I haven't been there since before it was closed for renovations in 2000. 

Definitely not the kids' favorite, but they had not been to an art museum in many years, and we did find a few things that they enjoyed. We heard a minstrel singing Civil War songs and saw a bit of American Voices in the courtyard. Dora enjoyed seeing the portrait of Juliette Gordon Low and recognized one of the George Washington portraits from a print hanging up at school and was awed to see the original painting! 

We stuck to the modern art section and they got to watch a cool 3D projection. (I was scolded two seconds after taking this pic, but I wanted to get the kids, not the artwork!)

This installation was definitely a favorite!

A great visit, I really enjoy taking the kids to see new things that they don't get to see around home. The rest of our week has been fairly low-key, and happily the sun was out yesterday ... yes!!

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