Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Baking Monday - Cherry Cake

AKA the easiest cake in the world!

I decided to make a cake this week, since the Baking Monday crowd was coming to our house instead of the dessert going to them. I love cherry flavoring, but am sadly a minority in our house. Luckily, Dora shares my love for fruit, and even though cherry is not her favorite, she enjoyed this cake with me. I knew Jeff would not like the cake, so I had to tempt him with some really good buttercream frosting.

Why is this so easy? Here are the ingredients: angel food cake mix and a can of cherry pie filling. That's it. Mix together and bake. In the past, I've made this in an angel food pan, but hadn't had the opportunity to use these cute heart pans yet, so I made it into a layer cake this time instead. I wish, wish I had the icing skillz to make this really smooth and neat, but not so much. (Check out this talented baker ... daa-yaam!) Lesson one is probably to use about twice as much frosting.

Here it is! All cherry and delicious! And Dora and I will enjoy finishing it off today. It must be today, since I've decided that Baking Monday experiments will be my only sweet allowance during Lent (sidebar topic: Can She Do It?), since I do at least need to try everything and see how it turns out. Happy Fat Tuesday!

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