Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What I Love this Week - Girly Edition

I bought this sketchbook for Dora last year for her birthday, and she's really gotten in to it over the last few weeks. She's not really into fashion for herself, but has always liked to draw girls in gowns with accessories, so this seemed like a great tool. It reminds me of Fashion Plates, but much more creative and easier to use. I love that it gives her artistic freedom but still within guidelines, so her work always looks good, and gives her the confidence to create more.

And she comes up with titles for each design, too.

Yes, I have issues with the heels being way too high, but it's all in fun. I like drawing high heel shoes, too, even though I think they're ridiculous in real life.

And more art: scenes from a tri-orama she made about the book One Hundred Dresses.

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  1. oh, her designs are awesome! i'll have to check out that book, my girl would love it.

    (ps. my verification thing for this was 'modyst' - appropriate!)